Michael “Monty” Widenius + info

Michael “Monty” Widenius

Brad Fitzpatrick + info

Brad Fitzpatrick

Fabien Potencier + info

Fabien Potencier

Mitchell Hashimoto + info

Mitchell Hashimoto

Rob Allen + info

Rob Allen

Phil Sturgeon + info

Phil Sturgeon

Anthony Ferrara + info

Anthony Ferrara

Nate Abele + info

Nate Abele

Daniel Rabinovich + info

Daniel Rabinovich

Matías Torchinsky + info

Matías Torchinsky

Andres Gutierrez + info

Andres Gutierrez

Alvaro Videla + info

Alvaro Videla

Dustin Whittle + info

Dustin Whittle

Martín Gontovnikas + info

Martín Gontovnikas

Er Galvão Abbott + info

Er Galvão Abbott

Pablo Godel + info

Pablo Godel

Mariano Iglesias + info

Mariano Iglesias

Javier Eguiluz + info

Javier Eguiluz

These are the companies that support the 2014 edition of the conference